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7 ways to lose weight now and keep it off

We caught up with Muddy Award winner and fabulous fitness guru Lorna Flint in her home studio near Newark to discover her top fitness tips for summer.

Corr, after all these BBQs and cheeky late nights, I’m definitely feeling a bit sluggish this August. If your workout mojo is also in desperate need of a refresh, fitness pocket-rocket Lorna Flint is here to help.

After nearly a decade in lycra, Lorna is a busy-person-fitness specialist. Her fantastic online classes focus on small changes you can make to your routine to give your health a boost. She’s taught hundreds of people from as far away as Budapest, South Africa and New Zealand, and has a loyal local fanbase in her home county of Nottinghamshire.

So Lorna, where do we begin?


You’d be surprised how many think they need to do something because their friends or family are. But I’d encourage a try-before-you-buy approach to fitness.

Online classes are a great way to test a class out without the pressure or commitment. Don’t settle for exercise that you just don’t like that much! You never know, when the world is saying Peloton, maybe you’re a trampoline queen or a break-dancing badass.



You only need 7,500 steps on average over a week to improve your health, so you can get more steps in over the weekend when you’ve got more free time rather than stressing on a busy work day.

The simple things you do every day are also boosting your fitness. This is called Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, and it simply refers to the energy used carrying out any activity that isn’t formal exercise. Cleaning, gardening or nipping to the supermarket on foot all makes a difference.



Protein helps muscle repair. And the more muscle you have, the better your metabolism is. This isn’t about a steak for every meal or adding supplement powders to your shopping list. Just try to be a bit more savvy about your weekly diets. Many of us have gone vegan or veggie lately, and although animal proteins are still the easiest for us to digest, soy and Quorn are really good alternatives. I’d recommend planning your meals around your protein, and making sure you’re reading the labels.



Your energy levels are massively affected by how hydrated you are. You want to aim for two and a half litres a day, and things like squash and tea can be included in this. You can pick up bottles that have markers to tell you how much you’re guzzling. Also don’t be afraid to get a bit boujee with your water, stick in some lemon and mint or fresh berries. 



Long, intensive sessions like 90-minute spin classes just aren’t going to work when you’re busy. Instead, little and often can be really effective – just a 15-20 minute workout done regularly is undoubtedly going to have an impact.

Online classes can be super helpful as you can take them wherever works for you. Once you’ve established how little pockets of exercise fit your schedule, you can start to make them a routine. Try out different times of the day to see when it works best for you. Maybe get up a little earlier for a morning workout or try a power session over your lunch break.



When we skimp on good quality sleep, our body’s are searching for quick hits of energy the next day. That’s why getting your 7-to-9 hours a night is so important for fitness.

A healthy wind down and sleep routine throughout the week should be rolled into the weekend in order to get your body into a strong routine. Sleep hygiene is an important part of this so make sure you invest in some decent pillows, keep a regular airflow in your bedroom and reduce your screen time an hour or two before bedtime.



I see this all the time. People start up a relentless regime of dieting and exercise, keep it up for a few weeks then something comes up, they miss a session and give up their whole routine. I coach my clients to think that something is always better than nothing. Rather than overhauling your entire lifestyle, small tweaks to your diet and little exercise additions to your day are easier to keep on top of. The more you’re able to do, the more empowered you’ll be – and it means you can easily mix up your routine when you start to get bored. 


A quick-start shopping list 

  • Get your hands on a decent water bottle. One with markers so you can tell how much you’re drinking is useful if you’re not great at tracking your hydration. 
  • Treat yourself to some decent gym gear. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but something that you love to slip on before a workout will help you to get into the right headspace for some positive exercise.  
  • A good yoga mat is always a decent investment! They’re brilliant to give you a visual marker if you haven’t got a big space to exercise in, and kids can use them for playdough too.

Lorna Marie Fitness has loads of online classes throughout the week, with nutrition plans and social meet-ups available for members. You can also catch-up on demand when it works best for you. Head to Lorna Marie Fitness to find out more about plans and membership options. 

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